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The struggle of getting rid of sugar…

The struggle is real, man!

I never in a million years thought you could have an addiction to sugar, but when I was told that sugar is 90% of the reason I have gained weight over the years not only did I think, NO not me, I don’t eat that much candy or sweets, but I actually realized that it’s not so much about having a sweet tooth.

Bowl of white sugar

Bowl of white sugar

Sugar is in nearly everything I eat. If it doesn’t look like sugar to me, it does to my body.  I could go through a list of things that sugar resides in, but I’ll spare you the novel. I think my worst offender’s were flour loaded carbs. Bread. Pasta. Tortillas. Pancakes. These things are cheap and while raising my daughters in their teenage years I relied on these things because they are easy to make. Little did I know I had been feeding into my addiction. Sugar.


Thanks to my sister I have changed the way I see these four items. They are not the enemy. But, they are not my friends. It’s sort of like meeting up with an acquaintance. We meet, but only on certain terms. They must be good acquaintances to me. I will eat bread sparingly, usually organic and loaded with the good nuts. I rarely eat tortillas now.  Pancakes… My sister gave me a gluten free pancake mix for Christmas. Its awesome when I make blueberry pancakes. And pasta… This girl has gone gluten free. Honestly, just a little goes a long way.

If I could sum up my feelings towards my challenges with changing my eating habits and removing bad toxins I would say, it’s a nightmare. It hasn’t been easy and I’ve struggled with wanting to just dive into a loaded cheeseburger with everything on it and eat to my hearts content. Or indulge in a huge bowl of ice cream. They sound so good, but I know it will wreak havoc on my insides.

That’s the hardest by far, saying no to so many things that are so easy to get.

For those out their working on changing your eating habits, whether eliminating the sugar or trying to be healthier in your choices, cut yourself a break. You cannot do it overnight or expect results in a week. Take your time and do at your own pace.  If you have a bad day and go all out, it’s okay. We all have the same goal in life… To be happy. I am still learning and I hope that one day it will just click and I can put to bed that darn sugar addiction. Baby steps.

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