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Less Toxic Personal Care products

I have been reflecting on this last year and thinking about having to put my health back together.  One of things I did this last year was to try and reduce the toxic load on my body so that it could heal itself.  Personal care products are full of toxins it turns out!  So I thought I would highlight some of the products that I have switched to over this last year, in case anyone else out there is looking to reduce the toxic load on you body.  Most of these products are handcrafted in small batches from small companies, which also makes me feel great by supporting the little guys.


Thanks to my sister Gwen for finding this one – Rupam One Drop dental soap and tooth elixir.  This is great stuff and the last time I

went to the dentist I had just a little amount of plaque that they had to scrap off my teeth.  I hate the dentist because they usually find a cavity or have lots of scraping to do.  However, between the diet and this dental soap my dentist visits have been great for over a year, no new cavities and very little plaque (and my gums look great too)!


One of the areas of highly toxic products is deodorant.  For this I am currently using Crystal Body deodorant stick, which you can also find at Whole Foods or even try Sprouts.  It doesn’t control wetness, which you actually don’t want to do, but it does keep the stink down…

Body Soap

I have tried several brands over this past year.  Gwen also got me hooked on Soap and Salve.  They have great body bar soap and

bar shampoo’s.  I also found Summit Soap, which is a small producer in Breckenridge, Colorado, just down the street from our condo.  I have been using the body and shampoo soap samples in the condo for guests.  My favorite brand so far, which I just found is Zum Goat’s milk bar soap.  It smells incredible and gives a rich lather.  You can find this at Whole Foods or online.  I just got the facial care traveling kit for my nieces, so hopefully they will comment on this post and let us know how they like it (hint hint).

Facial Skin Care

This is the place where a lot of trial and error has ocurred over the last year.  This last few months have been the most difficult, as my body was getting rid of the Candida yeast overgrowth, my face showed the effects with very deep painful acne.

Early in the year, I happened on my favorite skin care products at Gwen’s Bay Area farmer’s market – Laurel Skin Care.  The only thing in her line that doesn’t work for me is the lip treatment.  I use the facial balm at night and serum’s during the day.  Yes – I put oil on my face.  As I have gotten rid of the toxic products my oily face actually turned out to be on the normal to dry side.  Her line is expensive but it lasts for months – I think I bought the balm last summer and it still hasn’t run out.  I burned my finger pulling the turkey out of the oven at Christmas and used the healing balm on the burn.  It stopped hurting and started healing, immediately.


The other line that I like is Primal Life Organics.  In particular, I splurged for my birthday and got the Vitamin C serum.  I’ll I can say is AWESOME!  I also switch off the Laurel face cleanser with Primal Life Organics face cleanser.  This has a bit of clay in it so it works great to get the dirt off but can be a little drying if used all of the time, at least for me.

For dry lips – Soap and Salve lip balms are nice.  My favorite is Molly Muriel lip therapy, and lavender mint is my favorite!

I also use some of the items from the Acure line, which is less expensive – in particular the sensitive facial soap and the Eye Cream.  My sister Kerry is trying this line so hopefully we can get her to give us some thoughts.

Hair Care

I have tried several of the shampoo bars from Soap and Salve over this past year, and just never really found the one I like.  My favorite item right now is Primal Life Organics Dirty Poo and Apple Cider Vinegar rinse.  I am loving the Dirty Poo right now during the winter as I tend to have a very dry flaky scalp which produce bumps on my scalp that end up causing a lot of pain.  I used regular shampoo and conditioner while I was visiting my sister for Christmas, which resulted in my scalp becoming very sore and dry.  Two washes with Dirty Poo and apple cider rinse and my scalp is feeling so much better.  I don’t have to wash my hair everyday with this regime and my hair doesn’t feel oily.

My sister Gwen is also experimenting with some body oil and facial toner’s (among other items), which I have used this past year.  I think she has gotten the body oil aroma’s to a place of excellence since all of her friends put in orders for Christmas!  I am hopeful in this next year we’ll see some of her products make it on the list!

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